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About B. M.‧個人檔案

Name 大名: B. M.

Character 性格:

  • Super positive; TWIT (Teenage Woman in her Thirties) with outlook as well. Yeah, I have a baby face. 🙂 Highly sociable, Cheerful, Independent.
  • 超級樂觀;典型TWIT,連樣貌也似teenage;我的格言是:「要被愛, 先要懂得愛自己。」;完全無港女特質,入得廚房出得廳堂;愛報喜不報憂,因為不希望令身邊的人擔心之餘,希望將快樂感染他們。終極理想?跟一位有feel而價值觀相近的一起渡過下半生,最緊要合拍,我找到了!!
  • 我的性格DNA / My personalDNA [請按/please click]

Horoscope 星座: Gemini 雙子座(太陽星座)/ 天蠍座(月亮星座)

Hobby 興趣:

  • Other than baking, same any TWIT’s hobbies except clubbing. Yeah, I don’t drink but chitchat.
  • 烘焙之外, 跟廚房有關都會死心塌地去愛!業餘皮革師,仲有貼身追蹤跟潮流有關的一切,最愛攪一期一會跟家人及朋友相聚。

Habit 習慣:

  • She loves homemade breakfast and would prefer to make her own breakfast lunch rather than sleep half an hour more. She loves dressing up most of the time, after “married", she get used to casual wear when hurdling with her hubby & during weekend. Ha~ When falling in love, B. M. would be crazy about wordssssssss, as she believes that wordssssss could bridge two hearts. Therefore she is proactive sometimes “when online" .  She hates those who are selfish and always taking advantages from her in the name of “friend". Having a balance life is her life goal. Anything that may upset this goal, she would rather give up instead of betraying herself. She is both extrovert and introvert, a typical Gemini. With typical Scorpio inner self, she is loyal if counter part treat her the same, but rather stubborn & bossy, haha. When unhappy, she would prefer to shut herself up for self healing.
  • 她最愛自家製早餐,寧願早起也要為自己煮早餐或準備午餐。她永遠都會打扮得乾淨利落,自「嫁」了之後,跟Baby一起時及週末卻愛休閒打扮。哈~ 當她投入戀愛的時候,文字彷彿成了跟愛人主要的溝通渠道,只要是在線, 都可以好主動,某程度上,都挺「宅」呢!她最最最討厭那些以朋友名義佔便宜的人。平衡生活是她的生活價值觀,任何顛倒這價值觀的事,她都寧可放棄。深閨卻愛社交,愛獨處也愛熱鬧。帶著天蠍的內心世界,她專一、忠誠,卻硬頸及愛管事,哈哈!但不開心的時候,會選擇躲起來自我療傷。

Blog objective 部落格的精神:

  • An amateur baker who wish to share with you her dreams, laughter, life experiences and memories. 🙂
  • 希望做一個小小blogger分享她的一切,所以將她的私家blog搬到這裡。這裡你會找到人生的甜、酸、苦、辣,以及一百倍的窩心。 🙂

Favorite quote 最愛金句:

Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get. ———- “Forrest Gump"

生命就像一盒雜錦朱古力, 你永遠不知你將會揀了什麼味道的。———– 《阿甘正傳》

“Default mode is not long-lasting. It is because end-user used to adjust the settings that could fit in his/her own personal values and preferences." — B. M.

Default mode是沒有永遠的,
直至調到一個他/她覺得舒服的settings。 — B. M.

17 則迴響 leave one →
  1. 十月 31, 2009 22:56

    hello…how are u ???

  2. Paul permalink
    十一月 2, 2009 20:43

    Wonderful blog! Your dishes look fantastic!

  3. 一月 13, 2010 16:00

    你個博客真係令人流晒口水…….個Coat of Arms/家紋好靚


  4. 二月 5, 2010 21:13

    Keep up your interesting work, love this phrase “TWIT (Teenage Woman in her Thirties)".

    Postscript: I love the fact you put your content under creative commons license (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Hong Kong). Cool. But then I found it odd that you also have “Copyscape, do not copy". To me, the CC license is specifically put up for non-commercial sharing purpose.

    Speaking from personal experiences, yes, it is horrible to be ripped off but I have long given up fighting those stupid sites that copy and paste my contents. I won’t even look at them now, I consider it a wast of my time and energy.

  5. 二月 17, 2010 09:03

    我在自己的blog發現你的踪影,只是想問一問 你頁頭的Copyscape的段說話如何加上去?

  6. Hans permalink
    二月 26, 2010 02:37

    Dear Ms BM,

    I found this site through a google search and am wondering if you may help me!

    I’ve spent one year in Hong Kong but now I’m living in Italy, during my time there I enjoyed several times the food at the restaurant “Peking Garden" in Alexandra House HK central.
    I used to eat a very dense spicy sesame soup served with noodles and I really liked it, now that I am back in Italy and I have no chance to visit HK I would like to try to make it by myself here but I don’t know the ingedients nor the name of this soup…
    Do you think you can help me to find it’s name?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!!


    • 二月 27, 2010 20:52

      very dense spicy sesame soup –> O, B. M. can’t that hot & spicy soup. 😛 I have never tried that before. However, it should be originated from Sichuen made with sliced pork, bamboo shoot, black fugus and mushroom. The densed texture is because of the corn flour added.

      • Hans permalink
        二月 27, 2010 21:36

        Thanks for your reply!

        Hmmm.. I think it is something different: I remember that the dense soup had no pieces of sliced pork, mashrooms or bamboo shots inside, maybe they were blended?


      • 二月 27, 2010 22:03

        O? Then I really can’t figure what soup you had. 🙂

  7. Hans permalink
    二月 27, 2010 22:06

    Don’t worry! If in the future you’ll have an idea maybe you can contact me again!

    Thank you!


  8. Francis D'Souza permalink
    九月 5, 2010 23:38

    Good work Ankrish,

    Cup cake pops sounds good. Sarah loves baking too. So lets exchange recipies.

    Take care and keep it up.



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