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Google CNY Snake game

二月 10, 2013

Google CNY Snake game

Google CNY Snake game – Suit for Chinese who stay home awaiting for relatives visit while no good TV shows, get bored by Candy Crush and at the same time can’t be out with friends.

Why people feel super bored on very first day of CNY? It is because normally for culture it is family day while those relatives always ask odd questions upon visit. What kind of questions most likely to be asked?
1) Do you have gf/bf? (If no, they will push you to get one)

2) Oh, you are applying University this year, so are you confident? (Come on, that non of your business, isn’t it?)

3) When will you get married? Can’t wait to attend your wedding!!!! (Most likely the be-asked one has not plan for wedding yet)

4) When will you have baby? (The couple wish to, and such question just added stress on them. Or the couple never thought of such then the relatives will persuade with loads of why-not)

5) Oh, this year, what is your academic result? Got distinction? (Normally peer comparison.)

6) O, you get fat and gain that much weight! (Bull shit! So what!?)

To be honest, except for enjoying a few days holiday with loads of good food, most younger generation don’t like CNY especially with endedness “drama" on show in front of the relatives.

This year, 1st day of CNY, I smelled very unpleasant odor in my room with door closed — Alcohol!!! Later on I found out someone at home cleaning the ventilator in kitchen!!!!! Holy cow!!!!

Can someone suggest any where I can evacuate? Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really “ Kung Hei Fat Choi" !!!!!!!

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