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十月 8, 2010

‘Healing Communication’: clinician-patient communication — IPP-SHR PodCast

This week, Michael Bouwman talks with Dr Richard Street, who describes strategies clinicians can use to bring the patient’s perspective, including their fears and values, into consultations. He also shares his findings about patient side of communication, stressing that the the most important thing patients can do is ‘speak up’: ask questions when they don’t understand something; express opinions if they are uncomfortable with something; and share their preferences with their doctor. Dr Street says this type of communication leads to agreements that work best for patients, and it helps patients to stay committed to their health plans, leading to better health outcomes. [URL]



有時,老生常談,day day講,無意思。始終,行動是為上策。一句話,這可是一生都要上的課。

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