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Network Marketing – Does Friends Matter?

七月 14, 2010

最近被問及什麼是network marketing,B.M.又發揮自己「天文台」的能力。本身有接觸開少量marketing 的知識,於是又去掘、掘、掘。原來network marketing 重點還是人,離不開4Ps(People, Price, Production, Place)。人嘛,network 裡又多一重建立人際關係的藝術,說穿了就是周邊所謂朋友的角色,對工作/生意的「貢獻」。之前一篇Dear Friends — 北川景子說過人不可以沒有朋友,除了情感上的交流和支持之外,就是對工作上的互惠互利關係。後者的「功能」一旦踩過界,分分鐘連朋友也無面俾。友情在工作上為什麼能發揮作用呢?又或者會為工作帶來什麼的壞處呢?為什麼有些人總提點你,工作上是沒有真正的朋友?就好似Hardvard Business Review Peter Bregman引述,君不見《飛黃騰達》《生還者》等等,參賽者都有句口頭禪:「I’m not here to make friends!」。

首先解釋下什麼是朋友「功能」[節錄自Grayson, K. 2007. Friendship versus business in marketing relationships, Journal of Marketing vol.71 Oct, p.122]:

Friends are expected to share personal problems with and to “open up” their lives more fully to each other (Cozby 1973; Fischer 1982; Haytko 2004; Veltman 2004).

Second, friendship is based on voluntary social interaction. Friends are expected to seek out each other’s company willingly rather than to interact only because of bureaucratic demands or practical convenience (Allan, 1979, 1989; Carrier, 1999; De Montaigne, [1580] 1910; Du Bois 1974; Fischer 1982; Haytko, 2004; Reohr, 1991; Silver, 1990).

Third, friendship is motivated by a communal orientation, which means that the benefits one partner offers are not expected to incur a feeling of obligation on the other (Clark, 1984; Silver, 1990; Wolf, 1966).

Fourth, the friendship role includes the expectation for an exclusively intrinsic orientation.



This is a pretty predictable recipe for happiness. Giving to others — a reliable way of fostering friendships — makes us happier than taking things for ourselves. — Peter Bregman [Origin]

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  1. 七月 22, 2010 01:12

    The most extreme quote comes from the Mr. Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

    “If you need a friend, get a dog"

    I am so lucky I got some friends from my previous employment 🙂


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