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TWIT = 輕熟女

一月 15, 2010


「輕熟女」,英文叫TWIT,全名叫Teenage Women in her Thirties,源自英國。跟Peter Pan symdrome 的男人一樣,有著年青的心而不急於長大。TWIT嚮往戀愛自由,成家不成家,只是時間問題。遇上有feel而價值觀又合拍的,就會考慮,但,一定未必會是短期內的事。未婚的自由,亦等於少了一些心理包袱,以及責任。最緊要能維持自己的生活素質(Quality of Life),亦即包括了身體健康、生活健康、以及精神健康三大範疇,說到底,TWIT是為生活而生活的一族。



  • 積極正面生活態度

  • 處世手腕靈活

  • 想法天真

  • 自信

有人問,「喂,你如何知道自己是典型的輕熟女呀」你玩下咪知囉!呵~~ [原址]

(1)Who is your ideal man?

a) That hot twenty-something at the gym.

b) Brad Pitt.

c) Your husband.

(2)What is your favourite way to spend an evening?

a) Meet friends after work for cocktails. followed by a meal with a hot twenty-something, drinks in a trendy bar, then a taxi back to his place then back to my own bed in the early hours.

b) Doesn’t matter as long as I’m hand-in-hand with my man.

c) Takeaway so I don’t have to cook, a DVD, then an early night so I can catch up on sleep – preferably with

no funny business.

(3)What is your favourite film?

a) I don’t go to the cinema – I’d rather be out meeting people.

b) The English Patient, it’s sooo romantic.

c) Anything but rom-coms.

(4)What kind of wedding day do you dream about?

a) I don’t.

b) White meringue, thousands of photos, a hotel reception and a slushy first dance.

c) Pass – we tied the knot years ago and I can barely remember it now because I was so drunk.

(5)Where do you go on your holidays?

a) Everywhere! Last year, I stayed in a Bedouin camp in the Moroccan mountains and clubbed in Ibiza. Next week, I’m trekking in Mongolia.

b) A secluded Greek island with my lover.

c) CenterParcs so the kids can wear themselves out.

(6)Do you want babies?

a) No way, having kids would stop me going out, travelling the world and would ruin my fun.

b) Four girls, four boys.

c) I’ve already got two and that’s quite enough, thank you very much.

(7)Where do you see yourself in 40 years’ time?

a) Backpacking in Thailand with a toyboy.

b) Surrounded by grandchildren.

c) Dead.

Mostly As Are you Cameron Diaz in disguise? You are a Twit. You live it up in style and love it. You have no ties and fill your days and nights to the max. Life is for living – not hanging about for a decent man to show up. And if one does, he’ll have to fit in with you.

Mostly Bs The complete opposite of a Twit. You crave commitment, heaps of babies and to live happily ever after – you’re a romantic at heart. The most important thing is finding a soul mate, getting married, setting up home then churning out lots of children.

Mostly Cs

You’re a realist. Your husband is your best mate, you have a great life with a couple of kids and get through the bad patches together. Laughter is the best medicine when life does get tough.


  1. 輕熟女玩心重 就叫TWIT 英澳潮流 成年不急著成家 先享受自由

  2. 超準雙語測試,你是輕熟女嗎?

  3. Meet the ‘TWITs’ – Teenage Women In Their Thirties

WE’VE had WAGS, yuppies and metrosexuals; now meet our newest social phenomenon, TWITs.

The TWITs are “Teenage Women In Their Thirties".

Just like men with Peter Pan-syndrome who are not ready to grow up, TWITs are putting serious relationships and parenthood on hold, instead choosing to continue partying and enjoying the freedoms they discovered in their teens.

Melbourne fashion model Kelly Johns is proud to be a TWIT.

Ms Johns keeps her age a secret but admits she is in her 30s.

“People have a perception of me as being young and fun and when I tell them my age it changes the way they see me," she said.

She doesn’t have children, is single and said the freedom of youth shouldn’t be a distant memory.

“I am here to have good clean fun, party it up and live my life." she said.

“If I found the right man I would settle down and have kids, but I am not going to sit around at home waiting."

Nightclub owners also say they have noticed a transformation on their dance floors, as Generation X women take a second bite of the apple of youth.

“We are getting a lot more women in their 30s coming in," said Bill Gianoulas from Chasers nightclub.

“They are hot women who more than likely are career oriented, going to the gym judging by their figures, immaculately dressed and are confident, intelligent and fun."

Social researcher Mark McCrindle said the TWIT phenomenon was here to stay.

“Society values youth. We don’t look up to older people the way we did last century," he said.

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Comments on this story

  • tash of mont albert Posted at 7:16 PM August 06, 2009

    Kelly Johns cant keep her age a secret because everyone who knows her is aware she is about to turn 34

  • Ellina M of East Bay Posted at 4:53 PM August 04, 2009

    I guess it is diaphanous that choosing to focus on her career, instead planning weddings, and/or getting knocked up before her thirties to shop at Babies R Us¿ makes a thirty year old woman equal to a sixteen year old! Who knew!? That women who made choices regarding parenthood and marriage, who just happened to enjoy going out and having fun, were actually pubescent teenagers trapped in a 30-Year-Old body. I am a single 23 yr old with my dream career. I am completely financially independent, traveling, going out and having a blast. I don¿t strive to be a TWIT but if I was such I would be proud. I am here because of choices not circumstance and WHEN I do have kids, no 9 month endeavor is going to downgrade my quality of life. I am still going to work, go to the gym, get my nails done, be an awesome mom, and my Husband is going to be rolling around with the Hottest MILF in town ;o)

  • lucy Posted at 2:46 PM August 02, 2009

    OMG!! Heaven forbid a women decides to not get married or have children! What is she thinking? Is it really necessary to add a stupid label to something that’s perfectly normal?

  • Simone V of South Yarra Posted at 12:28 PM August 02, 2009

    I’ve seen a few of these TWITS vomiting out the front of nightclubs, in my area… classy!

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  1. 三月 23, 2010 14:58

    那麼有沒有medium rare 和well done的??

    • 三月 23, 2010 15:01

      XDDDD well done 的話,可能會被評為unchewable。XDDDD medium rare嘛,應該是最受歡迎才對,偏偏現實卻是「告急」的一群。


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