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Julia & Julia

十二月 5, 2009

This entry would only be available in English, just because I wanna fit in the context.

Today I had a date with Ling. Late lunch at Simply Thai, Xmas shopping nearby, chitchatting on the way, stopped in Sole Town for a short while but didn’t get any boots I want, stayed short at Franc Franc and shopped a very nice Xams gift for my sis and brother-in-law (at least I think so, hee~~) GOOOOOSH!!!!! We totally forgot about the time that Julia & Julia started at 4:55 but we were still in Causeway Bay by 4:57!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a RUSH!!!!!!!!!! To avoid traffic jam, we jumpped on a mini-van and got off at next stop shifted to a taxi just in front of the mini-van. Finally, we were late for 10 mins, huh~~~~ Soooooo glad that we didn’t missed a lot. It was a long movie and last for 2 hours while I forgotten to SMS my parents to inform them that I’ll be late. Finally received 8 missed called and of coz ………accusation. STUPID ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a great day of sharing, complaining, storytelling etc… So blessed that the yester-blues was completely washed out. It has been a really comfortable date. A normal peer outing that I’ve missed for sooooooo long.  I greatly appreciated for your thoughtfulness on the way, I would remember every tiny favour done that make my heart fill with endedless warmth.

Julia & Julia is indeed a great movie. It visionalized every single woman’s dream, I mean those who have deeply in love or I should say “addicted" to cookery. I really envy those wives who can made such achievements. There are so many authentic examples in Hong Kong as well.  Every single of us dream of owning our own cookbooks. Food is always the best networking tool and help you to win heartssssss of people around by spreading warmth and sweeties. It just spelled out my dream, the most unforgotable scene from the movie is Julia’s kitchen — my dream kitchen.

However, in my own belief, life won’t be that perfect and the destiny is fair.  You can’t posess a good marriage, at the same time with sucessful career and perfect family life.  The law of destiny is, human needs to learn through toughness and challenges. Even someone told you that he or she leads a perfect life , you never know about his/her blue moment.  The key is, though we need to face all kind of toughness and challenges, think positive and you’ll be always cheer up. That’s life.  My own way of fighting the blues is having a date with any trustful friends or spend half day in the kitchen. I am sooooo blessed that though just a few, my trustful friends are all highly supportive and always offering instant comfort.

Thanks again for Ling as companion. I hope that my “normal" passion didn’t scare you away, hahaha……

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