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Guangzhou, Panyu, Chimelong Vacation (I)

十一月 19, 2009

最近忙什麼?論文要改, 要換季,要整理月結單……時間好像妣不夠用似的。忙得我透不過氣來。肩頸就是硬朴朴的,自知都是壓力壓出來的。剛剛的週末,終於可以抽時間一家人去好好的玩玩,暫時把所有東西都放在一旁。

Recently, I am soooo busy. Thanks to Ron’s greetings  from Oz. Other than review of my thesis, winter finally comes that I need to prepare wardrobe change. It’s also time to get my bank statement nicely filed. All the stress come straight away that I am suffering frmo neck and shoulder pain. I need REST definitely. So my family and I headed to Chimelong in Panyu, a small town in Guangzhou, PRC for a short trip last weekend.


The key objective of this trip is to celebrate Mom’s 60th birthday in advance. You know what, 60 is an important age for Chinese. In the past, we have an old Chinese saying, " It is rare for people to reach their 70″.  Therefore 60 would be a milestone that marked the “last ten years" of our lives according to the logic of the ancient Chinese. No matter how low-key a person, he or she must host a big celebration for reaching the age of 60th. The message behind is just like the “Thanksgiving" of the yankies — Appreciate the luck of living up till 60.  Therefore, we gonna have series of birthday celebration for Mom in Dec.


We booked an early session for the jet-flow which started off at 7:50a.m. So I needed to get up at 5:15. REALLY early!!! Therefore, I just fell asleep immediately after abroad.  Upon arrival, I found that we gonna get settled in a new phrase. Wow!!! It was just like an Africa Palace!!


Reception is my favorite. The design is sooo vivid!!! Being greeted by a family of Lions, you seemed entered a Safari!!!


:::This shot is my favorite, sooo vivid!!, Just like under the Sun!!:::


After get settled, we headed to the Chinese restaurant to yum cha. Food there is so & so.  This is my 4th visit. I found that their quality is getting worse. However, the new pottery set and the Spring roll in Vietnam style worth a credit.


Next stop is Panyu shopping arcade. I’ve bought a turtle neck knit jumper and a PU printed crocodile skin jacket.  The temperature fell all a sudden that I finally needed to put all the new clothes!! Snack booths along the street are attractive indeed. Since we planned to ha e early dinner, we  just tried the sweet corn. Well, really disappointing, no taste at all.


We had a Japanese dinner. The interior design of the restaurant has mixed with Western and Japanese culture, quite nice.  Quality of the food is quite good. My Tempura hot bowl was fantastic!!


After dinner, we set off for Chimelong’s famous Circus show. I was stunned to find out that it was FULL HOUSE!!!! That means there was roughly 100K audiences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first day trip ended with ice cream and drinks at the Peacock Bar.  A must-go spot with really nice interior design.  The most unforgettable is one of their huge carpet which is printed with Peacock’s feathers and is used as a wall paper rather than putting on the floor!!
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