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Caramel Cheese Cheese Cake with Walnut & Organic Ginger Chew

十月 30, 2009



至於糖薑,是從Fair trade 買的,很有意義的喲!

Fair Trade 公平交易的糖薑 [進入]


Under more than a hundred years of collonial influence in line with rich tradtional Chinese dining habit, Hong Kong became a craddle of fusion dishes. To adapt with the fast-changing consumer preferences, local cake shops also need to change their business strategy in recent years.  It is because Hong Kong people are highly adaptive with new favors and love innovations. Even for home baker like me, I’ve tried to adjust my recipes to fit in my family and friends’ cake preferences. With growing health conciousness, we get used to cut down suagr level or substitute the fat needed with more healthly choices.

I’ve just made a new favored birthday cake for my cousin — Caramel Cheese Cake with organic ginger chew and walnut. Well, ginger is rich in vitamin C. As autumn is coming with winter is crouching around, ginger can make us feel warm according to traditional Chinese medicine. The creamy texture of caramel cheese wiith a touch of ginger chew and walnut can slow down your speeding when enjoying your slice. You will be highly focus in feeling the inner taste. Ha!! You can say this is a rather good strategy to drag my cake’s “audiences’ “‘attentions when they are eating my cake.

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